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Change of Plans, little Stars!

Hello my fellow StarChildren,

it's been a while since I worked on non-personal dolly stuff as not only the pandemic situation took over my working schedule, but also pressure in my private life made me take a break.

After all this time, I want to say THANK YOU to those who stood beside me and still stand by me. Without you I wouldn't be writing this and instead give up on everything I learned to love.

Working on dolly stuff has always made me so incredibly happy.

I am back with huge motivation and am excited for the future.

To start again, I will only sell in-stock eyes for now, every week on a set date.

So if you are looking to grab a pair, you'll always know when to expect the new batch! ♥

Let's do it! I am so excited to watch all your pretty beauties.

Your dolls complete my eyes, not the other way 'round. ♥



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