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Change of System and finished PO!

Hello my dear little stars!

I had been packing all your eyes carefully for the last days and am more than excited to tell you: Check your eMails for tracking - your beautiful gems will be home soon! ♥

I was so proud when I saw all the finished and packed up eyes. Hopefully, they'll arrive to you soon, so you can use them and also enjoy the box opening!

Besides my main task to create resin eyes especially for your wonderful dolls, I managed to find a way to work on eyes without needing to pile up orders through preorder phases.

"Why would you need to do that anyway?", you may ask.

Well, mixing resin can be very tricky. It's not that you simply pour the components in a jar, stir and it's done. It's all about the temperature, the right way of mixing the components and depends on the amount of resin you mix. Small amounts are way harder to properly prepare.

That's why I used PreOrder phases to pile up orders, so mixing would be easier for me.

BUT I worked on a new routine and am now able to leave my shop open 24/7!

As from now on, there will be NO NEED FOR PREORDER PHASES ANYMORE.

What does that mean for you?:

  • shorter waiting times

  • purchase eyes whenever you like

  • shop through ioriDolls whenever you like

For all my star children living in the skies of the USA there's impressive news, as well:

My dealer, ioriDolls (Spain), offers a way to ship eyes out to the USA for far less than what Germany charges for shipping to the United States of America.

It also contains insurance and tracking, which was very important to me.

So, if you would like to save on shipping, please feel free to visit ioriDolls!

The LuckyBags "Blackhole Box" are now discontinued as planned. I am working on the new Summer editions for LuckyBags and also wait for something exctiting, too!:

The new SD sculpt "Allurial", created by LostChroniclesBJD, has arrived from the caster to their home and will soon be painted by me to show off her true beauty.

Also, the Shima heads arrived at the artist's place and those who also ordered them with a FU are about to be sent to me to get painted. Please make sure to book the FU through my shop if you ordered your Shima with FU (and eyes).

Thank you so much for traveling with me through space.

It's so nice to float around along with you!

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