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How to unlock free shipping?

Shipping is a topic that takes a big part in our dolly life.

I would like to contribute to an even better opportunity to cut off on shipping fees.

(It's my goal to offer free shipping regularly one day! That would be pretty neat!)

How to unlock free shipping to...


Hit the 90€ mark to unlock free shipping within Germany.

... the USA?

Hit the 130€ mark to unlock free REGULAR shipping to the USA saving you 15€.

Or hit the 270€ mark to unlock free PREMIUM shipping, which saves you 60€, and enjoy quick delivery times. This is especially cool if you are hosting a group order!

... anywhere else?

Hit the 130€ mark to get free international shipping - saving you 15€.

Thank you so much for supporting not only my work, but also my dream.

This is worth the world to me. Stay safe and healthy, star children!

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