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In-Stock eyes, new Dealer and exciting news

Hello dear little stars!

How are you? I hope you are alright and feel light as a feather - this is what I wish for all star children floating at the Aphelion.

I am so thankful and almost overwhelmed by all the good things happening at the moment, and you are a big part of this by no mistake. When I first launched my in stock resin eyes on my website, my hopes and expectations were exceeded in a blink of my eye. Almost all of them are not only adopted already, but also started their journey through space to reach my star children's home base.

You really show so much love and I can't thank you enough.

From now on you will be able to discover in stock eyes regularly. ♥

New Dealer "InordiHearts" located in the Philippines (Asia):

I am excited to announce a new dealership - with wonderful InordiHearts! ♥

To all my beloved little stars living in Asia, you can now order eyes and all the other items the Aphelion has to offer and enjoy local shipping conditions. Gizelle, the individual behind InordiHearts, is a very lovely partner - both caring and smart.

Exciting and beautiful news:

Another very beautiful thing is taking care of our homeplanet, which is earth.

We are all individuals living on the same ground, breathing the same air and drinking the same water. With all the things we are used to enjoy, it feels very tough to give up habits, hobbies and things we use "just" to avoid damaging our beloved blue orb.

In my eyes, this is hard to maintain. But what we can do is taking small steps into a new direction without letting go of all the things we enjoy and live for.

Talking about reducing waste:

As an artist, I - of course! - produce failed items. Flawed eyes are what add to my account most of the times and would be thrown away in an instance, as I can not sell these.

Still, they are beautiful despite the flaws, and from now on I will add these flawed eyes (if I have some) as a gift to your orders. This way, the eyes will receive a new home and might bring joy to the little stars receiving them, instead of being thrown away.

Also, when receiving dolls or doll heads for FUs, I will always reuse the packing material sent with the heads. Of course, I will add additional protection if neccessary, so your resin kids will travel safely through space.

Please feel free to reuse all the material you receive in my parcels: the colorful paper tissues for art ort void fill, the little envelope can be used to tell somebody how much you love them, the business card makes a super cool MSD doll poster for dioramas, etc.

Don't waste - ReUSE!

Let's have fun AND save our planet earth, my little stars!



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