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May Pre Order is officially CLOSED

What a blast! Thank you to all my fellow Star Children who joined this pre order to get their doll a new pair of resin eyes. Furthermore I want to say something even more important:

When I hit the ground in March and April, I was quite nervous about how it would turn out to be once I re-opened commissions in May.

But all these thoughts and fears were simply unneccessary. You guys are the best people out there, and I am forever grateful for your trust, support and love.

Some of you even told me they loved my website, and that REALLY lifted my mood so much as it was one hell of a birth. Now that I got used to build the website, I added quite some interesting pages such as "Conventions" and "Dealers".

Talking about Dealers: I am currently aiming to look out for dealers located in Asia and in the USA to make it easier for my little stars from the skies far away to purchase my creations.

For the next Pre Orders in June I will offer black sclera eyes as well as limited eye designs.

Adapting to the new system, you will be able to update yourself in the News section of my website. It will always be up to date showing all the progress I made on your eyes so far. Please visit the News section to see what's up with your eye order.

Current status of the PO from May 24th is highlighted:

  1. Pre-Order is OPEN

  2. Pre-Order is CLOSED

  3. pouring and curing of bases and pupils in progress

  4. sculpting/painting the iris in progress

  5. pupils, gems and glitter are being added, irises are being domed

  6. eyes are being refined and glossed

  7. eye backing in progress

  8. packaging in progress

  9. Shipping eyes out

Thank you for reading and supporting my art.

I embrace all my fellow Star Children dearly.



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