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PreOrder closed! Thank you!

Thank you so much for yet another beautiful ordering phase.

It was the second ordering phase for June and I am so happy to have been so productive thanks to you.

I don't know if you really know how much all this means to me. Because that's a phrase you might hear often when having made a purchase.

Actually, every single order (may it be so small!) has a huge and direct impact on my personal life. Something you may not think about in the first place when buying eyes for your doll(s). But every single order provides food, a home, insurances and supplies. Something very fundamental. My base of living.

All this, which usually seemed to be so natural, suddenly feels as fragile as never before during and due to this pandemic, as the majority of my little stars looking for eyes come from places to where shipping costs are ridiculously high and therefore pure hell at the moment. I hope this will be better again soon.

Sometimes I am full of insecurities if my business will ever fully recover from this loss it was born in, sadly. All the struggle to find a partner in the USA to make it easier. Thoughts if LDoll would even take place.

Then again, I see you deciding to support me and my art and placing orders.

All the messages, the ideas, feedback, curiosity, excitement and love you give me are boosting my confidence and help me focus on my work again.

A big thank you for those who spread the word when PreOrders are open.

A big thank you to those who leave feedback and tell their friends where you got the eyes from.

And a big thank you for all the little stars ordering from me.

I am forever grateful. And I live that, literally.

Now to the formalities as the PreOrder is now closed and you surely want to get info on how things are going on.

Current status of PO20200629 is highlighted:

  1. Pre-Order is OPEN

  2. Pre-Order is CLOSED

  3. pouring and curing of bases and pupils in progress

  4. sculpting/painting the iris in progress

  5. pupils, gems and glitter are being added, irises are being domed

  6. eyes are being refined and glossed

  7. eye backing in progress

  8. packaging in progress

  9. Shipping eyes out

Next PreOrder phases are settled for the 13th to the 17th of July & for 27th to 31st of July.

The colors Stratosphere, Mystique and Fragility will be availbale for the last time before they'll be discontinued for an indefinite amount of time. Also, the lucky bag will change into a summer theme: The "Ice Cream Cone" will come in a new cute design and carries two random pairs of eyes with ice cream flavor related designs. Look out for the sweet summer event boxes and enjoy beautiful and joyful resin eyes for your doll!

As I am booked out with FUs for August, there will most likely be NO PREORDER for resin eyes during August 2020. I am aiming to have a stock prepared for August, so you can still browse through a variety of eyes even without an open PO.

Thank you for reading and for your support,


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