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Resin Eye: "May 1" PreOrder Update

Updated: May 21, 2020

First, I want to thank every little star of you who was patient with me and waited for their beautiful resin eyes which felt like an eternity. My business is making baby steps, slowly building a routine and learning how to handle problems and ordering systems. It is not easy to deal with all those emotions and fears (private and job-wise) that came up all at once, too, during COVID-19, but with you I fear nothing. Thank you so much for being all nice and shiny, therefor scattering some of your shimmer onto my own skin so I can shine, too, again.

Introducing my new and way easier ordering system this month, I want to show you how to keep track on what's going on with your order without waiting for an answer by me. This has so many wonderful advantages for both you and me reducing stress caused by waiting for an answer to a minimum. You'll have full control over getting information on your order status this way as I am updating this section once your order passes a new stage.

Preparing an order passes through several stages, logically, as I work in batches and get eyes done all at once; in this section, I'll make clear what stage your eye order currently is at. The chart will list all stages the eyes have to undergo, highlighting the recent status in GREEN/BOLD. Also, once your eyes proceed further in the stages, you will automatically receive an eMail that this section has been updated if you registered yourself on my website (highly recommended).

As for the recent situation, the PreOrder for eyes is open and will be shown as the following:

  1. PreOrder phase "MAY 1" OPEN

  2. PreOrder phase "MAY 1" CLOSED

  3. "MAY 1" bases/rims in progress

  4. "MAY 1" irises/pupils in progress

  5. "MAY 1" doming in progress

  6. "MAY 1" coating in progress

  7. "MAY 1" backing in progress

  8. "MAY 1" packing

  9. "MAY 1" shipping

Isn't this convenient? If you ever wonder how far your eye order is, just check the News section for the most recent Eye Updates. I work in batches from now on and every eye order will be finished simultaneously, so the status shown is applying to all orders of the current preorder phase.

Thank you for sticking by! Let's see if this whole thing works for you all nicely.

After so much trouble I got you in during the learning phase, I'd love to see that these changes make a big positive difference in working together.

Yours sincerely,


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