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Good evening, my sweet Star Children!

It is time to open pre orders for my resin eyes again. I am so excited that my heart almost bursts out of my chest and I hope that you love the colors just as much as I do.

This time there is a whole variety of very different beautiful colors available - some among them are revamped classic colors from my first ever pre order.

Pre Orders will be kept open until Friday 29th 18:00 (Berlin time). Yet, if I receive too many orders I reserve the right to close them earlier in order to prevent extended waiting times.

With this, I want to thank everybody in advance who spreads the word, purchases eyes from me or just loves to watch my creations. You mean the world to me, and I mean it.

Further information on this eye PO:

  • Star children of the US: As shipping is ridiculously high these times due to Corona, I kindly advise you to build group orders to split the shipping fees to a minimum.

  • the new ordering and update system will offer easy updates on orders made by checking the "News" section. Once your order passes another stage, you'll receive an e-Mail if you subscribed to my Newsletter (highly recommended).

Current status of the PO from May 24th is highlighted:

  1. Pre-Order is OPEN

  2. Pre-Order is CLOSED

  3. pouring and curing of bases and pupils in progress

  4. sculpting/painting the iris in progress

  5. pupils, gems and glitter are being added, irises are being domed

  6. eyes are being refined and glossed

  7. eye backing in progress

  8. packaging in progress

  9. Shipping eyes out

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