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Resin Eyes Update (PO from May 24th)

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Good morning, my sweet little stars!

Here I come with yet another update on the ongoing resin eye orders - and also some quite interesting news, too!

The bases are cured and ready to be worked on. With this, I am going to sculpt the irises, add pupils and whatever you picked to be added (glitter, for example). Right after that, your pretty eyes will be domed. Logically this process is not done in the blink of an eye (sorry for the pun here!), so I request a little time to finish this very crucial step in eye making.

As for bases, it's not quite spectacular, but in the future I will add photos of how your order currently looks like in a group shot.

Do you like little things like this? Because I sooooo LOVE to see progress photos, and spotting your very own order in between other items feels just like recognizing a beloved friend you are waiting for to pick them up up at the airport. Like, OML I SEE YOU!

Current status of the PO from May 24th is highlighted:

  1. Pre-Order is OPEN

  2. Pre-Order is CLOSED

  3. pouring and curing of bases and pupils in progress

  4. sculpting/painting the iris in progress

  5. pupils, gems and glitter are being added, irises are being domed

  6. eyes are being refined and glossed

  7. eye backing in progress

  8. packaging in progress

  9. Shipping eyes out

As you might read in the previous Blog entry, I was looking for dealerships, especially DOLKUS and BJDivas. Unfortunately, BJDivas were currently unable to add my creations to their catalogue due to certain circumstances, but they also stated I was free to ask them later in the year, which is nice.

If you are from the US and would like to become a partner of the Aphelion, please feel free to message me.

DOLKUS did not yet answer my inquiry - but I remain excited!

In other news - very beautiful news! - I now work together with ioriDolls!

ioriDolls is a dealer based in Spain and will offer my creations soon. I am currently working on the stock of eyes I send over to dear Hana (the owner of ioriDolls) in the near future.

They will receive a bunch of wonderful eyes in many different sizes and colors, and be able to offer them at doll events in Spain - this is YOUR chance to check the eyes out in person.

Furthermore a gallery with my own works will be added to my website somewhen in the near future, so that you can take a look at the eye colors and designs I made so far. Looking at the future, I can say that you will be able to see at least two new eye colors and also at least one new size.

Thank you for reading along my News and Updates, my sweet star children.

I love you all equally!


the entity at the Aphelion

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