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Resin Eyes Update (PO from May 24th)

Good evening, little stars,

After closing the PO for my resin eyes, we can proceed to the next step.

I will note down every single commission received and start working on the required bases.

This process is split in a few steps, so a little patience is needed until we can proceed further as the resin needs time to cure before I can go on refining them.

Always feel free to check by whenever you feel like it. Even better: subscribe to the newsletter and receive automated alerts once the News section has been updated!

As soon as we reach step 7, the set up for the next PO will be announced, so you can prepare yourself for the upcoming PO.

Current status of the PO from May 24th is highlighted:

  1. Pre-Order is OPEN

  2. Pre-Order is CLOSED

  3. pouring and curing of bases and pupils in progress

  4. sculpting/painting the iris in progress

  5. pupils, gems and glitter are being added, irises are being domed

  6. eyes are being refined and glossed

  7. eye backing in progress

  8. packaging in progress

  9. Shipping eyes out

Thank you for every order placed. I am forever grateful.

Hugs and love,


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