makes a deposit for a face-up commission and books a slot for you.

[Please read all the information and policies before booking a slot]


How wonderful to work with you! I am yet excited about your project!

Thank you for your trust.

If you get a slot, your doll can now prepare for a nice stay at my dolly spa. Make sure its travel will be save by packing your resin kid all nicely and carefully! ♥

slot for a Face-Up [DEPOSIT]

40,00 €Price
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    Your doll will be painted to be unique and beautiful, to bring you joy and love!

    Of course, I only use the finest materials and tools to paint your doll - everything is save to use on resin and won't damage your precious resin child.

    As you have a unique vision of your doll, I will send you a confirmation eMail, in which you will be asked to describe the image you have in mind for your doll. I will then read through the instructions and work on your doll. If I feel like there could be a little more info to work with, I will message you and ask for further details. I always do my best at what I can to fulfill your dreams. ♥

    Also, I am an artist who works a lot with emotions and atmosphere. Sometimes it's hard to wrap an idea into words, so a mood board or atmospheric photos might help getting a feeling for your vision. ♥

    Please don't ask me to copy another artist's work. It's just not very nice to do this - and we don't want anybody to be upset, right?

    Once I start working on your doll, there might be WIPs visible on my social media account (instagram @apheliondoll) or in the News section on my website. Otherwise I am not revealing any WIPs, as these interfere with my workflow. I am thankful for your understanding. ♥

    The turn-around time will be about 2-4 weeks; delays may occur due to unforeseeable situations such as bad weather.


    The basic price for a face-up is 85€. By booking this slot you automatically make a deposit of 40€ which is non-refundable. The rest of the total costs (45€ + additional costs for extras) is due once my face-up work is completed.

    A basic face up also includes lashes, delicate veins, (optional) moles, some creases and skin texturing.

    For any extra wishes, please add the following values or ask directly for an estimated price. I'm always curious and interested in your ideas!:

    • full removal of previous face-up (13€)
    • removing leftover from previous face-up (5€)
    • freckles (15€)
    • tattoos (depends on complexity)
    • scars (depends on complexity)
    • fantasy features like 'undead look' (depends on complexity)
    • individually applied 3D lower lashes (13€)
    • applied jewellery (depends on complexity)

    Also, please keep in mind that custom fees may occur and will be added to the total value.