Books a special slot to get a Face Up done on YOUR "SHIMA" HEAD ORDERED THROUGH LostChroncilesBJD. This slot is especially reserved for those who want to get their "Shima" heads home with a face-up.

[Please read all the information and policies before booking a slot]


How wonderful to work with you! I am yet excited about your project!

Thank you for your trust and love - I am honored to give life to your beautiful Shima.

LostChronicles "Shima" Face-Up / Eyes (optional)

80,00 €Price
  • Information

    Your doll will be painted to bring you joy and love!

    Of course, I only use the finest materials and tools to paint your doll - everything is save to use on resin and won't damage your precious resin child.

    Once I start working on your doll, there might be WIPs visible on my website in the News section or on my social media account (instagram). Otherwise I am not revealing any WIPs, as these interfere with my workflow. I am thankful for your understanding. ♥

    The turn-around time will be about 3-4 weeks; delays may occur due to unforeseeable situations such as bad weather.


    The price for a "Shima" face-up is settled at 80€ as a special offer. Other than my usual FU offer, it includes all the details you see in the photo (for example sinlge 3D lower lashes, tattoos, glued on jewelry, etc). It is possible to choose for example the Normal Skin FU style on your White Skin Shima. In this case, please let me know which Type of Face-Up you'd like to get on your precious Shima and which skin tone you actually bought.

    LostChroniclesBJD will send me your "Shima" head directly after they receive it from the caster, and I will send it home to you after I finished the face-up work.