high quality resin eyes for your doll


These beautiful resin eyes will add a vivid touch to your wonderful doll. A skillfully sculpted iris ensures a realistic look - even from different angles than just from the front.


If you ever looked for a color you couldn't find in my repertoire, take this chance and I'll make your dream eyes come true! Use the text field below to describe your soon-to-be-real dream eyes and also feel free to send me references like Photos, moods, atmospheric photos and drawings to my eMail address (apheliondoll@gmail.com), so I can get as close as possible to your idea.


Moreover, the lowdome finish will make sure you can use these eyes in sculpts with half-shut eyes with no problems, too! How cool ist that!?


55,00 €Price
    • high quality resin eyes
    • available in many sizes
    • to prevent scratches, do not press the eyes too hard against the doll head
    • resin may yellow over time; avoid UV light, oils and heat to slow down the process and be able to enjoy these gems for as long as possible
    • made with love ♥