high quality resin eyes for your doll


These beautiful resin eyes will add a vivid touch to your wonderful doll. A skillfully sculpted iris ensures a realistic look - even from different angles than just from the front.


Everybody loves lucky bags. So do I. With the "Black Hole Box" you'll receive two pairs of eyes of random color which will never ever be repeated. Those tiny pieces of art are truly one of a kind. You can see some examples in the photo section - they all have a tiny gem to spark some glam. The gems are authentic Swarovski Crystals, and they reflect light like crazy! Add a surprise to your dolly collection by purchasing this lucky bag containing two very extraordinary and unique pairs of eyes. 


The irises will have a rim around them to smoothen the line between iris and sclera. This creates a soft look and adds more realism to the overall look. Please keep in mind that those rims also slightly "widen" the iris' total diameter slightly.


Moreover, the lowdome finish will make sure you can use these eyes in sculpts with half-shut eyes with no problems, too! How cool ist that!?

[PRE-ORDER] [Lucky Bag] Doll eyes "Black hole Box"

60,00 €Price
    • high quality resin eyes
    • available in many sizes
    • to prevent scratches, do not press the eyes too hard against the doll head
    • resin may yellow over time; avoid UV light, oils and heat to slow down the process and be able to enjoy these gems for as long as possible
    • made with love ♥